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Jenny and Dave; blasting offroad trails around the world. 

Riding the world has been our dream since 2015, we were plotting and planning this incredible expedition every day since deciding we were going for it. There isn't a set time frame as we both work from our laptops, so home can be wherever we end up! We may take the trip in stages, perhaps settling in a country for a while before moving on. We don't plan on this adventure being a one off trip but more a complete change of lifestyle, we want to explore the world while managing our digital marketing business. 

We'll be riding as much off road riding as physically possible and cover some of the most challenging tracks in the world. These routes were chosen not because we think that's the only way to travel on bikes, but for the personal challenge and sense of achievement we'll get from completing them. 


For three years we were staring at a huge map on our wall, pinning on bits of paper with visa information and sights to see in the different countries. A departure date was set, we took on four more digital marketing jobs each, cleared our debts, started saving up and the countdown begun for the golden date of Saturday 31st March 2018. Both of us had jobs we liked and a nice house, but this is the kind of life adventure won't wait for us. We either set a leaving date and stick to it, or it'll only ever be a dream. Our notices were given in January 2018, that's when it started sinking in that we were actually going and the excitement reached new levels!


On here we'll be sharing our exploration through blogs, videos and photos. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do!


"Fill your life with adventures, not things.

Have stories to tell, not stuff to show."

Jenny O'Grady 

Travelling has always been my outlet for the plod of normal life. I'm not great with routine, I get bored quickly and start to feel myself shrivel up. This isn't a great thing when you're trying to stick at a good job and make a career for myself! I worked my way up in different digital marketing roles which I loved, but even then staying at one place for more then two years would get monotonous. No matter how ideal the job was little things would start to get draining, like driving the same road everyday, sitting at the same desk, drinking the same disgusting work coffee!


Dave passed his motorcycle test in summer 2015 and a couple of months later we set off on our first motorcycle holiday to Italy, me as pillion. It was amazing, we didn't book much just rode until we were tired and pitched up at the closest campsites. We were gone for about 2 weeks when it was time to start heading back to the UK and a feeling of dread set in. We had more to see and so much further we wanted to go but that was it, holiday allowance was used up. On the long ride home we started talking about the fact that we felt life was flying by too fast and it wasn’t filled with enough adventure. We joked about what it must be like to travel everyday by motorbike. After being home a couple of months we realised the dream of travelling together by motorbike wasn’t a passing thought; we were stuck on the idea. We started researching routes, bikes, visas and camping equipment. We'd have to quit our full jobs and concentrate on Freelance Digital Marketing, which we can do from anywhere in the world. Once we’d decided we were going there was a massive change in our mind sets, we were actively searching for opportunities and ways to change our lives.

First thing to get sorted was getting my bike licence, if I was going to this incredible adventure I wanted to ride myself there! Lessons began and a few months later in Dec 2015 I had my licence. After looking at finances, seasons, visas and routes we set a leaving date: 31st March 2018. The date that would be drilled into our minds, the light at the end of the tunnel while saving money!

Dave Logan

Growing up I spent a lot of time riding BMX and mountain bikes. One of the best things I have done was the  Megavalanche, a mountainbike downhill race in the French Alps starting on the glaciated summit of the Pic Blanc!

Once I'd completed the race I was ready for another challenge. I'd been thinking about taking my motorcycle test for a few years, so I  finally booked on a crash course and got my licence in summer 2015. Jenny and I rode to Italy a few months later and as she explains above, we just weren't ready to head back to England when we had to. We wanted to adventure, and just keep riding but the crushing feeling of restrictions started setting in. 

It was that holiday that we decided we were going to change life up and travel the places we were curious about, without stressing about holiday allowance. Once we'd made this decision there was a huge shift in our thinking; we started downsizing our possessions, stopped buying things we didn't actually need and focused on saving money.


All of our time and energy went into planning the expedition and we decided on March 31st as our leaving date..

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