Travelling The World On Motorbikes: The Adventure Continues

Well there it is, our first month on the road! Time seems to move differently when travelling, our week used to have clear and set milestones like Monday kicking things off, Wednesday would come and go, sights were then set on Friday! Weekends always seems to fly by ridiculously fast and before I knew it, Monday was back.

Dave and I no longer work Monday to Friday at set times, in a set location. We do however, still have to work long hours to keep travelling. We work as freelance digital marketers and earn a wage for the next month just as we use to at home, only now we work in different places every day.  Moving around so much affects the way time moves, for example in the last month we have:

  • Travelled to 8 countries

  • Ridden about 3,100 miles

  • Stayed in 19 hotels

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