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Welcome and thank you for showing interest in our Italian Tours​ 2020

Possible months of both June & August!

We have been lucky enough to live in Italy for nearly a year now, which means we've had the time to explore loads of incredible trails, roads and coffee spots! So are now putting together a few routes and trails for 7- 8 day tours around this beautiful country offering both on and off road fun. 

We also include:
🌍 Accommodation 
🌍 Mechanical support 
🌍 Plenty of trail side snacks (fruit-drinks etc)
🌍 Visa support if needed
🌍 Full Personalised media package - lots of photos and video!
🌍 Branded gift

Price per rider TBC - Collecting interest at this point 

Off road tour needs gravel road & track experience necessary but no enduro skills required 

Register your interest: info@rideunlimited.co.uk - when emailing please confirm if you would be on your own bike or need a rental.


  • How many people do you consider a maximum group riding? 

Maximum riders in a group is 8

  • Will we travel with an empty bike or with luggage?

We want the tour to reflect our style of riding so all luggage should be carried by the rider.

  • Are pillions able to join? 

Yes definitely! We will be offering both on and off road tours - if you are interested in off road 2up you're very welcome but need to have experience going off road together. 

Let us know if you have any questions, hopefully be seeing you there! 👍👍 

Jenny & Dave