Welcome and thank you for showing interest in our upcoming tour!​


💥 Join us in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in July 2020! 💥

21 day guided tour through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, including the stunning and remote Bartang Valley!

We also include:
🌏 Motorcycle rental 

🌏 Accommodation - roughly half is camping in own tent
🌏 Mechanical support for the trip

🌏 Support vehicle that can transport a failed bike and rider
🌏 Plenty of trail side snacks (fruit-drinks etc)
🌏 Visa support
🌏 Full Personalised media package - lots of photos and video!
🌏 Feature in a full length Ride Unlimited documentary
🌏 Branded gift

Price per rider £3999

- requesting £400 none refundable deposit January 2020. 

Gravel road & track experience necessary but no enduro skills required 👌

Further Details:

➢ The cost of the tour includes 11 days hotel accommodation (The rest will be camping) Single occupancy if required may cost more.


➢ No main meals are included but we will provide fruit/chocolate/ soft drinks ad hoc on riding days. Food is reasonably cheap budget to your requirements!


➢ Petrol is not included, however is less than 50 pence gbp per litre so fuel budget would be between 150gbp and 200gbp depending on bike fuel consumption (around 2200 miles).


➢ You must have travel insurance that covers off road riding.


➢ You bike will not be insured for damage unless you arrange yourself.


➢ Due to the Dynamic nature of the countries we are visiting some things may be beyond our control thus you will need to sign a waiver confirming you appreciate this.

Register your interest: info@rideunlimited.co.uk


  • How many people do you consider a maximum group riding? 

Maximum riders in a group is 7.

  • How much off road will there be?

We will cover at least 10 days off road in the tour. 

  • What do you mean off road

Off road for us is unpaved roads and tracks that are also used regularly by 4x4 vehicles. They can vary though and may have experienced damage since last year. Tackling these types of obstructions is great fun when we work together! Sand and Gravel will be present in areas as well as crossing running rivers and streams. Trail riding experience is necessary. To best see an example of the type of tracks we follow please check out some of our YouTube videos at: RideUnlimited YouTube

  • Will we travel with an empty bike or with luggage?

We want the tour to reflect our style of riding so although there is 4x4 support, all luggage/tent and food should be carried by the rider.

  • How much do you think autonomy required will be?

Fuel range of most bikes should be fine as we will be able to put spare fuel in our support vehicle.

  • What kind of motorcycles can you transport for this trip? 

We can transport all bikes from enduro to big adventure. For this trip though we would suggest a light or middle weight bike, although bigger bikes are of course welcome!

  • Are pillions able to join? 

Due to the amount of off road we will cover, 2 up riders are welcome but need to have experience going off road together. 

  • How many KM of road we will have to do? 

Road will make up around 1500 - 2000 km, the total trip length is around 3500 km​

  • Will this be the first time you have ridden the area?

Last year we covered the area extensively. However due to changes from year to year the route may differ slightly from the planned Itinerary once we arrive. Either way the trip will be awesome, every road and track in central Asia guarantees adventure!

If we come across any obstacles that make you nervous we can either help you across or are also happy to ride your bike over that section for you. We will offer constant support through this trip so you don't have to be an extremely skilled Dakar rider, as mentioned above we will work together. 

Let us know if you have any questions, hopefully be seeing you there! 👍👍 

Jenny & Dave



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