We like a good challenge, so with the guidance of the one and only Walter Colebatch of Sibirsky Extreme a very special route was born. As a couple we both like to travel off the beaten track so the route encompasses as much offroad as possible. Avoiding the main roads is a great way to meet the locals and get the true feel of a country.


With such a large trip we have had to break it down into sections to make it easier to understand. Due to the extreme distance we plan to cover and the lack of real road infrastructure in some countries, we unfortunately can't use your everyday in-car sat nav's and must use hiking style gps devices. We have to input the prepared tracks onto the devices instead of just choosing a route and letting the sat nav calculate it. Below is the breakdown of the planned route. 

Leeds to Tbilisi


■ France

■ Switzerland

■ Italy

■ Slovenia

■ Croatia

■ Montenegro

■ Albania

■ Greece

■ Turkey

■ Georgia

Tbilisi to Ullaangom


■ Russia

■ Kazakhstan

■ Uzbekistan

■ Tajikistan

■ Kyrgyzstan

■ Kazakhstan

■ Altai Russia

■ Mongolia

Ullaangom to Magadan


■ Mongolia

■ Russia

Stage 1

Stage 2

To be confirmed...


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